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This postcode is located in the electoral ward of Kerry and the community area of Kerry.

Powys County Council

The County Council is responsible for highways, education, social services, waste and regulatory services. It is funded by Welsh Government, council tax and other income.

The county councillors for the community of Kerry are:

Kerry Community Council

Your Community Council looks after local issues such as green spaces and benches. These vary from place to place. It is funded by council tax and other income.

The annual precept request for Kerry Community Council in 2023/2024 was approximately £32,255. For the 2023/2024 financial year, there are approximately 1,038 properties in the community.

Did you know? In your area, the most common council tax band is Band E with 24.2% of houses in that band.

Kerry Community Council is made up of 13 councillors.

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  Council Tax

Council Tax is a local tax made up of 3 precepting authorities - the county council, community or town council and Police & Crime Commissioner. The current breakdown for a Band D property in 2023/24 is shown below.

Powys County Council

A comparison between 2023 and 2018 is shown below.


Element paid to Powys County Council

Up £335.25 per year.


Element paid to Kerry Community Council

Up £2.58 per year.


Element paid to Police & Crime Commissioner

Up £88.09 per year.

During this current administration (2022), council tax for this community has increased by 5%, or £94.26 per year / £1.81 per week.

Since 2018, council tax for this community has increased by 23%, or £425.92 per year / £8.19 per week.

Facts about this postcode
  • The ward of Kerry includes 118 postcodes.
  • Ward: Kerry (W05001137)
  • Community: Kerry
  • Senedd Constituency: Montgomeryshire
  • National Park: Non-National Park
  • LSOA: Powys 007C (W01000447)
  • MSOA: Abermule, Churchstoke & Kerry (W02000103)