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Gareth Pugh 

County Councillor for Dolforwyn

They are a Welsh Conservatives Group councillor. They ran at the last election as a Welsh Conservatives candidate.

They served as a councillor during the 2022-2027 term.


The allowances paid to Gareth Pugh for the last 5 years is displayed below. The allowances include a basic salary, senior salary (if any), care allowance, working expenses, subsistence and travel. For the full breakdown, please see the Powys County Council website.

# 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21 2021/22
Gareth Pugh £12,004.92 £13,574.81 £13,834.97 £14,217.96 £14,367.96


  Attendance 64.7%

The attendance record for Gareth Pugh since 1st May 2022 is displayed below.


Present as expected

11 sessions out of 17


Absent with apologies given

6 sessions out of 17


Absent without apologies given

0 sessions out of 17


Total absence

6 sessions out of 17


  Election Results

The 2022 local government election results for Gareth Pugh are displayed below.

Name Party No. of Votes Elected?
Meredith-Jones, Alan  Welsh Liberal Democrats 291
Pugh, Gareth  Welsh Conservatives 486
  Council Tax £1,837.10

For the previous 5 years, the voting record of Gareth Pugh on Council Tax setting is displayed below.

# 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21 2021/22 2022/23 2023/24
County Council Tax Change (%) +5% +9.5% +4.8% +2.9% +3.39% +5.0%
Gareth Pugh For DNV For For For Abstained

Source: Powys County Council Voting Results - Council Tax Resolution / Charges by Area 2012-2022

  Recent Votes

Recent votes on motions or resolutions by Gareth Pugh are displayed below.

Motion Date Result Vote
Council Tax Resolution for 2023/24 02/03/2023 Passed Abstained
Pay Policy Statement for 2023/24 02/03/2023 Passed For
Language Proposal 2023 (As Amended) 02/03/2023 Passed Abstained
Language Proposal 2023 (Amendment 2) 02/03/2023 Passed Against
Corporate and Strategic Equality Plan 23/02/2023 Passed DNV
Constitution – Section 4 - Speaking on Motions 23/02/2023 Passed DNV
Budget 2023 - Medium Term Financial Strategy 23/02/2023 Passed DNV
Budget 2023 - Council Tax 5% 23/02/2023 Passed DNV
Budget 2023 - Fees and Charges 23/02/2023 Passed DNV
Budget 2023 - Other 23/02/2023 Passed DNV
Revenue Virement - Highways Savings 08/12/2022 Passed DNV
Commit to serve good quality meat and dairy products (As Amended) 08/12/2022 Passed DNV
Fair's fare on Powys energy and water resources 08/12/2022 Passed DNV
Powys Schools 08/12/2022 Passed DNV
Commit to serve good quality meat and dairy products (Amendment) 08/12/2022 Passed DNV
Suspend standing orders 08/12/2022 Not Passed DNV
Air Ambulance 13/10/2022 Passed For
School Transport 13/10/2022 Passed For
Drainage and Flooding 13/10/2022 Passed For
Nature Emergency 13/10/2022 Passed Against
Annual Self-Assessment Report 21-22 22/07/2022 Passed For
Newtown Town Council 22/07/2022 Passed For
School Closures 22/07/2022 Not Passed Against
Rural Fuel Duty Relief scheme 22/07/2022 Passed For
Dydd Gwyl Dewi (As Amended) 22/07/2022 Passed Against
Dydd Gwyl Dewi (Amendment) 22/07/2022 Passed Against